Ending on a Positive Note

Jesus (pronounced Hey-sus) became our main taxi driver in Costa Rica.  (We liked to say we always rode with Jesus – (pronounced the anglo way).  He was a middle-aged guy with a halo of silver hair peeking out from under his white baseball cap.   He had a cell phone number and came when we called but many times he would simply appear when needed.   Like a miracle. Continue reading “Ending on a Positive Note”

Jesus Struck by Lightning

Of course, the real Jesus would be unaffected but a statue of Jesus made out of fiberglass was burned to a crisp within sight of our rental house in Costa Rica in 2015.

The statue of Jesus the Redemer that used to stand on a mountain looking over San Isidro del General, Costa Rica. We can see this mountain from our rental home.

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Bobby, a story of belonging

“Bobby” is the first story in a book I am working on that will feature children who taught me essential truths about the classroom, about teaching, and about children with unique needs and unique gifts.  Each story is intended to represent thousands of children like them.  All the stories are true though names and places were changed to maintain confidentiality.

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