Costa Rica Jungle Retreats

In which we visit our friend Lynn and Todd and their beautiful retreat site.Costa Rica Jungle Retreats

waterfallLynn and Todd run, a place over the mountain and into the valley near us.  On way there you can glimpse views of the Pacific Ocean, a reminder about how close the two oceans are in CR.

Their house rises out of the jungle, somewhat perched on a cliff.  Here you can see the red Everything is beautifully landscaped around the house.  The jungle is not of course.  The trees grow fast so every year the jungle changes.

They have a wrap around balcony.   Note: the sunset photo gracing the title page is one of the view from their property taken by Todd.

balconyHere is Lynn on their back balcony. Also a view of the valley down below. jungleviewThe photo at the very beginning of this post is at the waterfall on their property. There are convenient steps down to base of the falls.  You can hear the murmur of the small creek and waterfall  in the background. You can also hear a Toucan family tending to their young, not the same Toucan family we have near Summerland but undoubtedly related.

Lynn told me there is large blue butterfly that comes by every morning between 7:15 and 7:30 AM.

In the distance you can hear monkeys.  Howler monkeys. Sometimes they sound off on their own.  Sometimes they howl when the guy way down the road starts up his motorcycle.  Apparently the monkeys think there are another bunch of monkeys challenging their territory so they proceed to sound off – not surprisingly they sound a little like a cross between a dog and motorcycle.  I really wanted to see the monkeys.  I may be a little obsessed about seeing monkeys.  Ok I am obsessed about the monkeys.  I took a vow today not to leave CR until I saw a monkey.

I took a walk down the road to find the monkeys.  Unfortunately the monkeys do not want to be found.  They hide really well when they hear or see me coming.

After not finding the monkeys. Lynn and Todd open a coconut and pour the coconut water into a pitcher.  One coconut will fill about a third to half of the pitcher in this picture.

There seems to be an art to opening a coconut and retaining all your fingers. You slice pieces with a machete but don’t quite make a hole until close to the end.coconuts

When the work of getting down to the last thin membrane is accomplished, you can drill a hole and pour the coconut water in a container. You can also stick a straw in the hole and drink.  There is no possible way to obtain fresher coconut water. Hmm well I suppose you could climb the tree with a drill and……

orchids Orchids right next to the path.bridge

If you go to their web site you can learn much more.  They have better photos and explain more about what they do.  You can see a photo of the blue butterfly, the yoga pavilion, the nearby villa used for group retreats, and parrots kissing in the trees.

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