Where we are staying in Costa Rica

Sunny, warm (but not too warm), our place in CRsummerlandview

Ariana and I are living out the winter in our modest studio apartment in CR.  This is a picture from just above the apartment – a view we can see from our balcony.

Ariana may be looking the Toucans that appear to be nesting about 50 feet away. They are pretty and pretty loud.  I haven’t been able to get a good photo of them yet.
summerlandwitharianaEvery once in a while they flyover.  Their bills are intensely yellow on top and they look impossibly top heavy.

Summerland apartments are about 20 minutes or 10 Km west of San Isidro del General and towards Dominical – the beach, the ocean -the Pacific Ocean.  If you look at a map of CR we are south of San Jose.

We are nicely placed for a bus ride into town and back. It cost 500 colones apiece for the 2o minutes into town.  That’s less than a dollar.


summerlandpoolThe pool is long enough for short laps, which is plenty for us.

summerlandparkThis last photo is our parking lot.  As we don’t have a car here it is a great place to see flowers – can you see the blue ones?  They keep falling and carpeting the paths.

A bit to the left of this photo are banana trees where you can see bunches of green bananas.  Would you like to see the green bananas?  Sorry – that will have to wait for the post about fruit.

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I'm a recent writer and retired teacher. Married for more than half my life to Ariana I am content now to travel with her to warm places while snow swirls around our home in upstate NY where we live two houses away from my son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Our daughter lives just a block away so our decision to travel is not without a consequence. However we have taken very few vacations in our married life so this journey, that starts in Costa Rica, is very new.

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