Motorcycles are everywhere in Costa Rica.  Ridden everywhere sold everywhere and given away in food stores as promotional items as is pictured here.

With gasoline at about five dollars a gallon and most of the country making very modest wages there appear to be as many motorcycles as cars.

However the strangest thing to me is where they are sold.  For example they are sold with washers and dryers…..






With children’s bicycles (below)

mc with bikes

And opposite the potato chip aisle:mcingroc

Well actually this one they are giving away in a lottery. You buy groceries and you receive a lottery ticket.  I have a lottery ticket though my wife will not let me keep the bike if I win.

Motorcycles here are nothing like the 3 wheeled 1000cc bikes in the states.  Most are 150 to 250 cc. These cost a million Colones!  Ok, well that’s under $2000.

Driving much less motorcycling in the country is a bit risky.  On a recent trip over Alto San Juan (Our apartment is on Alto San Juan) I observed many trucks and some cars taking their half of the road out of the middle when taking the curves.  It also seems that just about everyone expects to have to take some evasive action at the top of any blind curve.

If you are on a motorcycle you do have more room to dodge these situations but it also seems like those on motorcycles take even more chances because of this.

Personally I enjoy riding the buses.  The bus drivers seldom pass.  The bus is like a large green turtle that swims in its own rhythm.  The driver does a lot of honking and waiving, and, with a few exceptions, seems to be having a good time.

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I'm a recent writer and retired teacher. Married for more than half my life to Ariana I am content now to travel with her to warm places while snow swirls around our home in upstate NY where we live two houses away from my son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Our daughter lives just a block away so our decision to travel is not without a consequence. However we have taken very few vacations in our married life so this journey, that starts in Costa Rica, is very new.

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