Bats in the Bathtub, Geckos on the Walls

With so much insect life outside in Costa Rica it is natural that a few insects get inside….along with the things that eat them.

We are house sitting for some friends for a week.  Their house is in a nearby jungle valley, about 3 km from the highway down a single lane dirt road.  Very rocky.  On the way you pass a soccer field opposite a church.  If there is anything that defines a town or just a place it is a soccer field and a church.  In small communities they always seem to be paired together.  This makes sense as they are both places of worship in Latin america.

We entered the house to find that one of the doors on the upper level had been left open to the outside.  When we turned on the bathroom light we discovered the bat.  The poor thing was flopping around in the shower enclosure looking weak.  It was about six inches long and was hugging the shower floor.  I found a clear plastic container and a tray and popped the container over the bat. I slid the tray under and carried the flapping bat outside where I tossed the whole arrangement off the one story balcony.  The bat flew off.

Then there were the geckos. I had been told the house had a geko resident who generally kept to the walls and ceiling.  Gecko singular had apparently become geckos plural.  It had gotten dark by then and geckos get pretty frisky at night.  The two of them dashed across the walls and ceiling as easily as a mouse zipping along the floor but a lot cooler and more beneficial to us as geckos eat all manner of insectIMG_0008s. It was then I decided to always get up with a flashlight to use the bathroom in the middle of the night – both to check for bats and also to be mindful of squishing a friendly gecko by accident – just in case they were hunting for bugs on the floor.


Author: talks2trees

I'm a recent writer and retired teacher. Married for more than half my life to Ariana I am content now to travel with her to warm places while snow swirls around our home in upstate NY where we live two houses away from my son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Our daughter lives just a block away so our decision to travel is not without a consequence. However we have taken very few vacations in our married life so this journey, that starts in Costa Rica, is very new.

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