How to Enjoy Costa Rica Too Much

I knew something was wrong when I felt the tendon on the bottom of my foot go snap!

  1. My wife had warned me not to overdo my enthusiasm for tennis.
  2.  I ignored her and played three hours of tennis straight.
  3.  I broke something.

I have a confession to make.  I have been using a cane for the last two weeks and icing my foot three times a day. Two weeks ago I was playing an easy game of doubles in tennis on a foot that felt a little sensitive.  At the net I sprang forward for a low ball that I thought would just clear the net.  I never made it.  I felt a snap on the bottom of my foot and experienced a pain similar to landing on an ice pick.  It hurt so bad could only take a deep breath, cry and lean on my tennis racket.  A tennis racket actually makes an acceptable crutch for the 15 steps it takes to get to the bench off court.

Intuitively I had brought a thermos of ice.  Holding my breath I placed my food on the bag of ice and just sat there while my friends gently expressed concern.

That was two weeks ago but it didn’t stop me from continuing to overdo in by sitting on a horse for two hours and hiking a mile (with the aid of a big stick).

At last I am simply sitting, following the doctors orders and using ice and walking only with soft shoes and a cane.  People bring me things.

This has helped me learn new Spanish phases like “Me duele cuando camino”  (It hurts when I walk).  “Tengo que tomar facil durante seis semanas”  (I have to take it easy for six weeks).  However when we take the bus into town I always am given a seat.  I also now know where the orthopedic supply place is.

Costa Rica is beautiful and the tennis weather is perfect.  It is enough to forget your age and have too much fun.

Author: talks2trees

I'm a recent writer and retired teacher. Married for more than half my life to Ariana I am content now to travel with her to warm places while snow swirls around our home in upstate NY where we live two houses away from my son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Our daughter lives just a block away so our decision to travel is not without a consequence. However we have taken very few vacations in our married life so this journey, that starts in Costa Rica, is very new.

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