I Walk on Pins and Needles

I meet an acupuncturist who gets me on the road to healing.

After my tennis injury (the one where I exited the court using my racket as a short crutch) I spent a week not moving around much.  Lots of ice and the purchase of a cane helped.  I felt very sorry for myself.  And guilty because I had promised my wife I would taking dancing lessons with her (and I was actually enjoying the lessons).

The general population suddenly became more courteous – not that they were unpleasant before)  People offered me their seat on the bus, stepped aside on the side walks, and opened doors.  This was kind especially considering I was a tourist who had hurt himself playing tennis – something few of them could afford or imagine spending time doing.

I felt less guilty when my neck began to be very painful and I discovered I had limited mobility turning my head or looking up. The pain became so severe that I couldn’t tilt back a glass of water.   I had seen massage therapists at Tinamastes market so the Tuesday after the first week of pain I went to the market in search of a healer.

My intuition drew me to Ophir, IMG_0164 who specialized in acupuncture rather than massage.  He convinced me to try a treatment when, after taking my pulse, he connected the dots.  “The pain in your neck is related to the pain in your right foot.”  He asked if the  the left side of my neck was more painful than the right side (it was) as the left neck area is connected by a meridian to the right foot in the place where I indicated it was the most painful.  I forget if he said it was my kidney, gall bladder, or liver meridian but after only a half hour with various needles sticking in me I had more movement in my neck.  The next day I was much improved.

After another Tuesday treatment he invited me for a much longer treatment at his clinic/home nearby in Fuente Verde.  Having seen many of the typical homes in Costa Rica I was not prepared the rustic buIMG_0146t very beautiful building around Fuente Verde.

The construction was cob – a kind of subsoil clay and straw  mixture that makes these smooth walls without corners.

There were several structures on the property along with a pool and gardens.                               After two hour-long sessions and four half hour sessions I couIMG_1015ld walk. I had also regained all the mobility in my neck.  My heel pain is not entirely gone but it is going away.

This was my first real exposure to acupuncture.  I am planning to have more when I return to Ithaca.  I was fortunate to find someone as skilled as Ophir.  His treatments were highly effective.

He travels around and you might want to link up with him.  He does a lot more than acupuncture so I will admit I saw a limited side of him.  He gave me permission to include his web site which also has links to Fuente Verde.  http://orpheusb.com/



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