Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle

To show perspective I'm sitting on the recumbent stone.
To show perspective I’m sitting on the recumbent stone.


This stone circle out in the middle of Aberdeenshire’s hills and farms is one of the few complete stone circles anywhere.  So many circles were destroyed over the centuries because they were in the way of ploughs or building sites.  For some reason this one still has all its stones.

I would have needed a camera drone to get the whole circle in but fortunately there is a good web site that has great photos.


However what impressed me most about the stone circle was its presence.  We approached up a dirt road and through a farm gate.  The circle is not on the top of a hill but on the side of a gently sloping hill.  Until you walk up and look around it is not clear you are even on a hill but when you reach the circle you can see far around you.

As I walked into the circle I definitely felt something.  At first it was an undefined presence.  Later I felt like I was recalling events that took place there.  However the overall effect of the circle was very healing and not at all dark.

A family of about 6 showed up and the father set up a game of hide and seek.  All the family members hid while he stood in the center.  Ariana and I decided to hide behind a large stone while he hid his eyes and counted.  When he reached the end of the count we were all hidden and quiet.

There was a bit of a pause then he ran around and found everyone.  Later I asked him how it felt when one moment he was standing with all these people around and the next moment all of us had disappeared!  He admitted that this was why he had paused.  He said he was surprised and then it felt eerie – as in other-worldly.

There does seem to be that effect.  These stones have been here a very long time – perhaps 3000 years or more.  They seem to be of the world and very solidly grounded and yet they also seem to be other worldly.

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