The Glass Wall or why is getting home so hard?

Donald Trump is wrong when he says it’s easy for bad people to enter the US.  The screening process for getting into the US is so hard that even US citizens can’t enter…at least not easily.

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Dublin Castle – and the Irish Rebellion

1916 was the year a few brave Irish men and women rekindled the revolution that had been smoldering for many years before.  This rekindling was termed The Easter Rebellion.  The rebellion centered in an area of Dublin close to Dublin Castle.  In the castle we visited a display to celebrate the centennial of this rebellion.

This is it - the one and only selfie we took on our trip - and without a selfie stick too.
This is it – the one and only selfie we took on our trip – and without a selfie stick too.

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We meet Batman in Dublin Ireland

Always carry an umbrella in Dublin.  We had barely arrived when the skies opened up and we found ourselves outside a natural foods juice bar with Batman (out of costume). image

Micheal McCabe AKA Batman, Spider-Man, Ironman, any of the Ninja Turtles …has a expanding variety of costumed personas.   Not entirely crazy he runs a for profit company called Loc-Down Events which you can find on Facebook

Micheal has great social intelligence and kept us entertained talking to us about his company, Irish politics, and places to see in Dublin.

His company, Loc-Down Events has a number of staff who get to dress up in movie quality costumes and go out to businesses, parties, festivals and be not-themselves for fun, profit and sometimes as volunteers to help kids heal in hospital settings. His company has a long list of characters they portray. With the new Batman vs. Superman movie, no doubt they are busy.

We were sitting outside under an awning that had to be pushed up every once in a while to drain the small lake of water accumulating just above our heads.  Micheal showed us an article in that day’s newspaper featuring their company’s characters hanging out with kids at the hospital.  This was where Micheal really got proudly expressive describing the events that his company takes part in to help kids.

Micheal is just as enthusiastic and lively as his photo portrays.  He didn’t have to say he loves his work, loves kids, or loves giving of his time and talents – this was written all over his face.

Micheal’s work with children in hospitals got me researching about how widespread a trend it might be for there to be heros in hospitals. Though the costumed company Micheal represents obviously helps, some hospitals in Ireland have recognized the need for play in healing for years.   There are play therapists of course that help kids with deep seeded issues and trauma but there are also a growing number of professional “play specialists” who likely prevent trauma by helping kids be more relaxed about being in a clinical setting.  On the practical side play specialists require less training, cost less, and can therefore be hired in greater numbers.  Here is  a great article on this trend in Irish medicine..


Sentry Hill – Northern Ireland History portrayed in a Family Home

I had a lot to learn about Ireland. I soon realized Ireland, the island, is divided in two.  Check the map.  Ireland is composed of  Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland which is independent of the U.K. If you say only “Ireland” then most of the population in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland thinks you mean the Republic of Ireland – the big dark green part.image

Maybe you didn’t know but the Republic of Ireland was neutral during World War 2 though many Irish did join the allied forces.

If you plan to visit Ireland or Northern Ireland its best to understand a bit about Irish history before you say anything stupid.  We tried not to let our ignorance show but I occasionally said “Ireland” when I meant Northern Ireland.  Carrickfergus is near Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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