Two quick moments with my father

As part of my evolution as a writer I have submitted a number of pieces to the Sun, a literary magazine out of North Carolina.  So far five pieces have been published in the section “Readers Write”.  This piece was published in December 2015.  It is followed by a poem I wrote in November 2016.

Little glimpses of my father.

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The Wind Telephone

This will no longer be just a travel blog.  I will still be traveling but I have decided to add poetry, creative non-fiction and even fiction to Themapisnottheroad.  I would appreciate feedback on what you read.

My first entry is a poem.  I will try to orient the reader to my entries when appropriate.  The first poem is about a shrine in Japan that honors those who are still missing from the Tsunami and what one man has set up that helps families of the missing stay in contact with their loved ones – in an way that is unique.

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