About the Author

About the author


A writer’s journal

Welcome to my latest transformation.  For the first part of 2016 this was a travel blog.  Ariana and I traveled to Costa Rica and then to eight countries in Europe from December 2015 t0 June 2016.

Da dah – waving a wand I have decided to make this a writers blog as well.  I will be including writings from a creative writing class I took at a college.  I may include some stories published in the Sun Magazine out of North Carolina.  The Sun is a literary magazine and well worth the subscription.  If you happen to get a story published in the Readers Write section, you get a years subscription.  I have five years worth of free subscriptions from the five stories that got published!

Why the name

The phrase “the map is not the road” is taken from the teachings of a Sufi master, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan who I studied with for four decades.  Pir Vilayat’s actual words were  “the map is not the territory” also words from the philosopher Alfred Korzybski.  My take on this phrase is that your idea of the experience you are having is not the same as the experience itself. The more expectations I have, the less I tend to notice.  The more loosely I hold on to the picture in my head about what the world should be, the more there is to see.  Themapisnottheroad.com tries to hold up the images of the road, the territory and let the map fall away.


In July 2015 I retired after 40 years as a school teacher – all grades, all ages, public and private, regular and special education.  The last third of that 40 was spent with emotionally handicapped students as well as those with Aspergers. In that journey I learned how unique and how valuable each relationship can be if one is able to set aside one’s concepts of how that relationship “should” be.   I hope to  apply this perspective to the places and people on my travels.


I went back to school this year, September 2016 and took a couple of course in creative writing.  I received excellent feedback from my teacher and the 20 somethings in my class.  (The oldest student besides me was 30).   My fellow students are amazing – so willing to share deep stuff.   Apparently, I also needed to revisit my 20’s .  Work from that class will appear in this blog.

Write me feedback if you wish.