Freiburg Germany

We traveled on Lake Constance by boat.  Rain limited our visibility to a grey mist from which a little German town would pop up every so often when the boat made a stop.







As we left Lindau Germany, on the shore of Lake Constance, it began to rain.  It rained all the way across the lake to Freidrichstaffen.  The Alps, usually seen ringing the lake, were hidden in the mist and rain.  Though we missed seeing the mountains we felt cozy looking out the large windows on the boat while the rain soaked the glass.  Occasionally we would see a lone fishing boat with one or two huddled figures bobbing on the waves.

At Freidrichstaffen we boarded a bus and passed through the cliffs, trees and rocks of the Black Forest to Freiburg where we were met by our newly met friend, Anda.

We were so fortunate to have Anda’s guidance.  She had located some unusual parts of Freiburg we not have known about otherwise.

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Big cheese, tiny churches, and tall mountains

We are still learning new things with our friends in Germany.    Like many countries Germany has areas of strong regional differences that can seem like countries within countries.  This part of Germany has a big dairy industry and a strong industrial base.  It also has amazing hiking and skiing trails – not just in the mountains but between the smaller towns.

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Surrounded by mountains without my suitcase – Zurich

We had arrived in Europe knowing only Atum – from 30 years ago. However, attending Atum’s conference in Assisi allowed us to meet many other wonderful people. (He only attracts wonderful people).  We had left room in our itinerary to be open to an invitation from anyone at the conference that might not live too far from our planned route (Italy, Spain, France, Scotland, Ireland.  We received four invitations and three of them worked into our schedule.  We were so happy! However none were one our planned route as the invitations came from Switzerland and Germany.  So what?  We changed our route and started out in Switzerland.

A view of a few of the mountains that surround Switzerland.
A view of a few of the mountains that surround Switzerland.

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